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I purchased Norton anti virus in Nov. 2015. I ignored messages that it expired because I assumed that it was an error and I knew that I was covered. Now, my e-mail has been hacked & I am having problems getting back into it. PLEASE HELP ME! Cannot name it since the info is on my e-mail & also because I am on vacation and away from home. I think it was Norton 360 Antivirus . I think it might have been erroneously terminated & that I should not have ignored the erroneous messages an checked with Norton. Read more

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Norton technician remotely fried my computer by trying to correct a problem with their own online back up storage system...completely lost all data, computer black screened (HP Envy) unable to restore and was out of pocket $336 to repair my own computer when Norton was unable to restore my computer. Norton denied having caused the failure? Asked them to check back to their voice recordings and to review the steps taken by their own computer technician that was working remotely on my computer while I watched. Read more

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I received my notification via email January 9th that my annual subscription for Norton Anti-Virus (specifically Norton 360) was to expire February 8th, and my subscription would automatically renew. I quickly Googled the price of Norton 360 ($39.99), decided to let the renewal take place and didn't think anything of it. Last night I received an email notifying me that my subscription was renewed, and my credit card was being charged $95.39 ($89.99 for the product and $5.40 sales tax). I immediately called Norton to dispute as to why I was... Read more

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I encountered difficulty installing the newest Norton antivirus and the chat agent transferred me to some very unprofessional persons who wanted me to buy a security feature for US $349/year, as my computer is "hacked". If as an existing customer I was protected by Norton, how did exactly the hackers *** my computer? Then what is Norton worth exactly? I am completely disgusted by the way they handled it. And the so called chat agent (Veronica) did not help me at all. The people who she transferred me to, shot off the phone when I refused to... Read more

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I needed to cancel my automatic Norton yearly renewal after deleting Norton antivirus from my laptop in order to download McAfee which I needed for a business I'm involved with. Not only does Norton refuse to give me any refund for the $86.39 which showed up on my credit card statement this month, but they are charging me an additional $100 for the privilege of having them cancel my subscription! Why in the world should I have to pay them not to charge me next year?? What is my recourse here?? Read more

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Tried to buy and download norton... Bought paid for no download! Says it doesnt recognise my email address?! Online chat with CS wanted access to my computer to resolve login issue?! Why how?! Then closed my email browser and asked me to login to my email again whilst on remote access... strange? Then when i checked my mobile email and told him the email message he cuts me off CS chat! Wtf?! So an hour later payment has been made issue still not resolved still doesnt recognise my email! Read more

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I talked with 2 different employees of Norton technical staff. They were both INCOMPETENT and useless . First one wanted to know my DOB? What is that for , ID theft? The other one I could not understand his Spanish accented English. He wanted money to answer any question... is it again an attempt to steal my credit card number? I can not believe this, Does Symantec screen their employees for their integrity and honesty. Next time I am going to buy AVG or some better product which employs honest competent and trained staff to interact with... Read more

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We paid for a yr subscription with Norton Jan 2015. in Oct 15 they informed us by pop up. we only had 1 wk left. we contacted them both by text to connect to our internet 4 times. phoned Norton twice. I donot see why we have to go online for a payment issue. They are quick enough to take the payment. We have paid for another yr for safety reasons until this is resolved IF EVER, But have no intensions of going back to Norton. Yes we are going to contact our credit card and AMEX. Read more

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I paid Norton $90 for two years protection and my computer is worthless they did not protect me not one bit it would not refund any of my money Add comment

At least I was notified that a recurring charge will be posted for a Norton product. I did not even know that I had signed up for the recurring charge. Then, navigating through the site to find how to stop the recurring charge was next to impossible. When I finally found out how to do it, I got an error message when trying to remove my credit card information that there was difficulty in accessing the server. I started a live chat, and the support person asked me to connect to my current computer to remote control it, which is not Norton... Read more

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