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"auto-renewal" They took 84 $ out of my account--I knew that id need to renew soon and would do so as I have every year--When I AM READY__ When I HAVE THE MONEY. My family has just went through over a year of chemotherapy--Liver transplant( my husband) and well financially we are tight--but then again who isn't right now. I'm working my *** off trying to support my family (solely) and not sink financially or emotionally I have 2 small kids and this was a frickin kicker. So all my $ is gone out of my account--we have 80.00 in checks that will hit Monday---

Called Norton--they first tried to say "i signed up for it" *** (sorry just expresses this the best--I'm not a cuss-er). Then when I got very angry ---he tried to give me a discount really! like he was doing me a favor. Then agreed to a "refund" over the next 14 days--I Don't have the money for 14 days!!!! Well I continued to stick to what I know --This was fraud, he was manipulative and obviously trained to be so--then I got a manager after 20 min on hold. He apologized (A little better English but not much---I don't think he/they even know what they are saying)

I asked him how they would take care of any bounced checks? 40 for each check 30 fee for each check Plus the time and whatever the vendor may charge--He says--"I'm looking at your account and depositing it right now"--(its Saturday) really?! So OK ill go with that--he says "the bank will cover any charges because the deposit was made back today. Well we will see--I don't think that is possible. It was NOT back in my account after the call----I knew of course that would most likely be the case--So ya there's got to be more recourse than posting on the Internet--Ill be calling our local news BBB and anything else I can. I think about all the people that just think they have no choice and have to agree with crooks because they use the right words and manipulate ---- or the victims of these crimes just don't have the time--and maybe the money didn't hurt them too bad or they don't feel there is any recourse. There has got to be some recourse!!!!! I would welcome any feedback--this is fraud Just 80$ why is it OK if its "not a lot of money" (In my family it could mean a lifesaving medication!!) Its fraud and this business looks legit--I've used them for years--Its heartbreaking that there is no consideration for human kind anymore its all just so disgusting.

And chances are my complaint will be put on a list and will sit there--nothing will happen and they'll continue to get there charges through on accounts and customers will just have to take it-- However I will try my best to make it public I will not "let it go"

btw he could NOT provide me any proof that I agreed to this charge there is legal teeth to this.

Review about: Norton Antivirus Antivirus.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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This is just one of many examples of how our lives and freedom seems to be overtaken these days by huge corporate entities that are interested in profits over everything and just don't care enough about individual customers to give them satisfaction. If we can't get satisfaction buying the things we want or need, what is the point? I guess we have to go local when we can.

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