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I ordered Norton Anti Virus via download 1 year ago. I never agree to any reacurring payments, so when I recently noticed a charge of $79.00 from my checking account an eyebrow was raised.

Apparently Norton likes to send an e-mail stating that you will soon be charged for a renewal. Unfortunatley that e-mail usually goes straight to junk mail due to them sending out useless info all year long!

If you do not reply they automatically take $$$ from whatever card you used to pay with. Sounds like a scam to me so pay close attention to your e-mail and account info if you choose to purchase any of their products online.

Review about: Norton Antivirus Antivirus.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Time for a worldwide class action against this organization.


Exactly the same issue. Last year I managed to renew at £50 instead of £80 and so made sure the automatic renewal was OFF.

Tonight - ONE MONTH - before the sub expires I get an e mail telling me automatic renewal is being processed and uf I do not wsnt to go to my settings.

I do just over an hour after the time on the e mail and there is no access to the renewal settings rvety time I try to check and the renewal already shows as completed and they have taken £90 from me already.

You can get the same product new for half that price on line.

I like the software but detest the company as they seem determined to thieve money off their regular customers to fund half price deals to capture new ones and lock them into this same cycle.

I have put a date in my diary to cancel this before 11 months pass as apparently there are 11 months in the Norton year.

Just cannot trust them to not rip you off sadly.


Just had them renew my subscription, when I'm looking at my account and the auto renewal is OFF! Customer service tells me, "I don't know if you turned it off after the renewal"!! But here is the kicker...I don't have any billing information available for them renew, the card I used to purchase the subscription was American Express...somehow they billed my Visa!!!????

I will never use Norton again!!!!


I just received an "IMPORTANT" letter via US Mail regarding my Norton account and that I must go to their

website to TURN ON the auto renewal feature. My subscription renews in JUNE 2018!

Norton and I 'got into it' in 2017 when I saw a suspicious charge to my bank account in excess of $100. I NEVER received any email notification of renewal!! Same email address for over 20 years, I check spam, I check everything when it comes to the people/companies I do business with. I called and told them to stick it if they don't notify me at least 30 days in advance of my renewal and declare the amount they intend to charge me for internet security...

they did drop the fee to $80+ and I then turned off the auto renewal. So now, they're trying to scare me and tell my computer is at risk if I don't do auto renew...

"Don't leave your devices exposed for a minute - TO KEEP RECEIVING YOUR LEVEL OF PROTECTION, subscribe for auto renewal prior to your expiration date". I really don't like being threatened when it comes to internet security nor do I like a company using a 'CARTE BLANCHE' attitude when it comes to the $$$ cost of providing internet security!


I keep turning auto renewal off and somehow it keeps turning back on. This time, without even a warning email to tell me they’re going to charge me, I get a notification from PayPal saying I authorized a $98 charge from Norton.

My subscription isn’t even up for three more weeks! WTF?

So basically, they switched auto-pay back on (I sure as *** didn’t do it) then without notification, charged me full retail for software that’s available to anyone for half the price (or less). And they did it at a random time well before my account was even due.

Why do they continue to do this to their customers?

I guess it’s because they can get away with it. I’m sure most people either miss the email or it’s too much pain to sit on hold to cancel and get a refund.

Anyway, they’re not going to continue doing it to me. Good product but I’m not going to deal with a company that screws their loyal customers. I mean if they renewed me at the lowest available price, I’d welcome that.

But I’m not getting auto-charged their highest rate ever again.

It’s the cable companies all over again.

Screw Norton, screw Symantec and screw their shady business practices.


I am disappointed that I have been charged without my consent in the last 5 years. Total $500 for auto renewal.

This is unfair and not an ethical practice.

Customer service claims that Norton send an email for auto renewal, these emails went unnoticed and Norton charged for no reasons.

This is not acceptable. Please change your approach to the customers, DO NOT CHEAT THE CUSTOMERS.


Yes, this is completely true. Norton charge us even if their service is not in use and simply state that "we sent you an email". Please be aware and be preventive.


They have pulled the same trick on me. Doesn’t give you much confidence in their product. Maybe safer with Kaspersky and the Russians.


I installed Norton about a year ago. I intentionally switched the auto-renew feature off.

After talking to a neighbour today who had been scammed by Norton I checked and found the renew option had been mysteriously turned back on.

It looks as though Norton updates more than the virus definitions when I'm not looking.

Herndon, Virginia, United States #1235444

Five years ago, I bought Norton and for some reason, some how I am signed up for auto renewals. I stopped using this product since 2012 and my credit card number has been updated since that time, yet I have been charged through out the process.

This company is a fraud, but claims to protect its customers from fraud.

Chesterfield, Virginia, United States #1190465

Two years ago Norton started charging my credit card for an auto renew that I had canceled more than 5 years before that! What in the world?

Two years ago and last year I contacted their customer service. After endless sales pitches (I don't want PC software when I have a Mac; how hard is that to understand?), the agent agreed to provide a refund and to remove my credit card information from their system. Never happened.

When I was charged again this year I filed a dispute with Discover.

Norton sent them a "receipt" that "proved" I had "requested" and "received" their software. The only information on the receipt that was correct was my credit card number. They filled in an expiration date of 12/2099 (how convenient) and provided the name I legally changed six years ago, the mailing address I last used more than five years ago, and the email address I last used more than seven years ago (on a user domain that no longer exists). If I had an account with them wouldn't they have at least SOME of my current information?

Discover said that proved it was a valid charge. In other words Discover has no problem letting Norton pull this scam and all their promises about fraud protection are total BS. The only way I could get a refund was to post my story and ask what kind of racket they were running on Norton's Facebook page. Then they bent over backwards to help me.

Got my refund. Also got an email verifying my account is canceled.

I still don't trust them and since Discover won't back me up, I'm getting a new credit card number. Absolutely ridiculous that this scam is legal.

Redmond, Oregon, United States #1179394

And, I do not blindly go through anything clicking "OK"… I gave them my card OVER THE PHONE - and NEVER NEVER approve auto payments to ANYONE! Buyer Beware!!!

thank GOD for BankOfAmerica - who got my money back to me instantly. Friendly advice… change your debit card REGULARLY!

I wonder how many millions Norton has made of of unsuspecting people. So sad!

Redmond, Oregon, United States #1179387

This JUST happened to me and it's 2016 - Norton debited my account for $109.00!!!! Last time I gave a payment to Norton was 2009 - for ONE YEAR subscription for my laptop!!!!!

I NEVER gave them permission for auto renewal.. What the heck are they doing!? Isn't Norton, Microsoft? Don't they have enough money?!

They charge people and hope they don't notice! Where are the class action law suit guru's when you need them?!! So sad! Its APPLE all the way for me..

never any trouble from them.

to *** Norton #1521476

norton is not microsoft. norton and apple are not competitors. you are not smart.

Dunkirk, New York, United States #1072841

I recently discovered (after almost overdrafting my account) that Norton has been charging my checking account every year since 2013 for an old account with an old email address. Called the 800 number and they removed the current charge but it was their 'policy' not to give refunds after days.

They did offer two years of service which, surprise, surprise is the exact amount that they owe me for this service they charged on an inactive computer.

I am interested if this has been done to anyone else. When I switched computers, I specifically changed all my information and they assured me then that I had a new account.


I contacted them and cancelled but knowing what's happened to others, told the bank I'd lost my credit card abroad and got it cancelled and sure enough Norton had the nerve to contact me and ask for a new credit card number.


Norton antivirus Support call us @ 18009350537


I bought this software to protect me from scams.... little did I know they are the biggest scam out there.

touche Norton.. touche.

Bunch of crooks. Never again will I purchase their "service" and probably either will all the friends and family members I tell.


In this day and age it's perfectly normal for people to follow a "next, next, next, finished" clicking pattern when installing software.

The funny thing about these posts is you actually signed up for automatic renewal but were too *** to read what it was you accepted.

It gets to be even more hilarious because right after you agree to the automatic renewal feature they ask you for a credit card AND YOU GLADLY TYPED IT IN. What did you really think would happen?

The bad news - Anyone who says they didn't consent needs to learn how to read.

The good news - If you happened to be an *** and blindly accepted you can call them and ask for a refund as long as it's within 90 days of the purchase. This is stated in the EULA which is something you probably didn't end up reading as well. But you happily accepted didn't you.

This site should be called "isignupforthingswithoutreadingandcomplainlater.com"...

to I read what I sign up for #1096273

You must be a lawyer. Most people don't read the fine print.

It shouldn't be that complicated. Put it as one of the headlines rather than in the Itty bitty fine print if your Gonna do it. Otherwise.

..it feels a lot like you are being taken advantage of.

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