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I've been with Norton for several years and have just been allowing them to automatically renew my licence with them each year. I had been paying $AUD99.99 p.a.

OMG, then I looked in my email and they said that my next renewal when it falls due will be $AUD169.99 for 1 device /1 year. No way, it had to be a mistake. I got on to their customer chat. I was told there was nothing they could do about the auto-renewal but they could right now manually give me a $99.99 renewal without any loss of days for renewing early- seeing that I'm a valuable customer.

If I was so valuable, then they shouldn't have tried the gouge. I was miffed by the brazen price hike, which they would have gone ahead with if I hadn't been looking. And didn't see why I should have to come to them each year to make sure I get my old price. So, I said no thanks and I'll look around.

So, I looked around and found they, Norton,were selling the same for $59.99 and they had been merrily charging me $99.99 each year and were going to slug me with $169.99. Well, after that, I deleted my billing information and when my Norton expires in the new year, I will buy one of the other antivirus software out there.

***, I saw some that will give you three years protection for less than Norton's 1 year $169.99 rip-off. Norton, you've lost a valuable customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Norton Antivirus Subscription.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Glenside, Pennsylvania, United States #1262925

What you get is free computer support with that price if you get a virus you cant remove. If you buy your own removal they will try to charge you to remove a virus. Buying your own renewal is much less expensive though.

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