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I noticed monies out of account for Norton, Bank said it as Norton Security, never purchased this as I use Panda, called customer services to ask why. Engineer told me to get PC to arrange refund - i though he was directing me to site.

I have no computer knowledge and asked could this be e-mailed, he said no it must be done on line, I continually asked what he was doing and sking me to do - told it was for refund - nonsense it was so he could remotely access PC, I shut down computer and teminated call. Another engineer called 2 days later and let slip that the remote access ws to check my PC for Norton Security - dishonest and underhanded

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a little late in getting to this I know but I just saw this

seems a disturbing thing that you encountered

first clue of something wrong would be when they accessed your pc ( remote session) there is no valid reason for them or anyone to do so in case of a refund period

surprised you let that happen

a refund request is done through the mail and sometimes by email ( copy of receipt and product code etc...) don't recall exact spot on site at moment but its there ( was when I did a refund sometime ago)

hope you reported this person for doing that

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