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Below is a response to a survey I received after I was screwed by Norton's customer service. If you have Norton I suggest looking elsewhere, FYI, I chose Kaspersky.

I sat on hold for a total of 4 plus hours...YES 4 HOURS, and never got through to the service tech I paid $99.99 for.

1. I was charged $99.99 and your web site was offering the service for $89.99, which is a blatent bait and switch.

2. I was on hold for for 20 minutes when I first got through to your off shore customer service. She sold me a bill of goods with the sales pitch that my virus would be removed and blocked by a technition. I paid and then was supposed to be transferred to the tech which I sat on hold for 90 minutes before I hung up and called back. Another 20 minutes later I got through to good old off shore again whom I explained the situation to and gave her my case number. SHE, promised I would be transferred immediatly to the tech and when she did, without staing on the line with me to ensure connection, I was forced to be on hold AGAIN listening to an overly obnoxious loop of inane music which is what I call an interrogation tactic used by the CIA! 2 hours and 25 minutes later I hung up. I tried to call the next day and again, on hold for another 20 minutes before I gave up.

I did my due dilligence and then called my bank and cancelled your rip off!

I promise I will in the near future place a video on YouTube outlineing my horrible experience and making sure those who watch will get the drift of my message and I promise again it will go viral! (PUN INTENDED)

I have been with you for a few years now and thought you were a stand up company. It is now very apparent that your customer service is non existant and a shameful example of how to screw customers. My only regret is I was just auto renewed by you and have been screwed out of another some $80.00.

I have removed your product and will be adding a copy of this response on any and all e-mail avenues so I can be sure someone reads this and takes note.

In conclusion, cancel my auto renew effective immediately and all promotions sent to my e-mail account.


case number 507051617

Product or Service Mentioned: Norton Antivirus Antivirus.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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how do they stay in business? I had Symantec stock years ago and made money with it. I wouldn't buy it now.

It almost seems like their programmers are trying to destroy the company.


after their constant guard bloatwear crashed my computer I solved my problem by installing free AVG....forget about it.


Why do I have to give them more money 4.99$ for them to speed up my pc?? I thought they covered everything???


again, anyone who knows anything about computers, which you obviously don't, wouldn't put the worst security program ever made on their computers either (check tests on users of avg constantly flood the tech forums with simple infections or massive destruction to their operating system all caused by avg.

and dont forget their great toolbar or the ease in which avg wont unistall from your system. as a matter of fact avg as with registry repair/clean-up programs are the single worst things anyone can do with a computer.

so, if you dont know what you're talking about take your bad advice somewhere else. these aren't the brightest people in the world or this site wouldnt exist.


Why don't you idiots use AVG Free Edition ?

It costs nothing. Updates are FULLY automatic.

The only thing they will do is occasionally hit you with a pop-up asking you to upgrade to their PAID edition OR try to sell you one of their several other great products. This company is good. It's for real. You should use it !

! !


you can go to and get norton's for $9 if you watch the sales. by reading most of the complaints on here, there's no one who does any research before jumping into anything.

this site is quite comical because of the people get what they deserve, then complain they were screwed.

there are other choices besides nortons. most computer literate people know to never touch norton's security.

Oh ***! Now I read this!

I just paid Norton 165.49 which I really don't have and had a *** of a time downloading it.

It took about 2-3 hours and I'm not sure it really took if you know what I mean? :x

don't buy a computer from this ***, BrotherWitch. Norton isn't made by Microsoft. D_U_M_B_A_S_S


Been a PC builder for 7 years. had Norton once.

Thats all it takes to never have it again.

FYI, Norton is made by Microsoft. Big surprise eh?


I don't blame you for cancelling Norton, but next time go with Microsoft Security Essentials. It's FREE!

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