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I received a very negative comment from your subscriber, sessa. If she isn't reprimanded, I will take action against your company. I will first contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the "Do Not Call List", and any other Federal Agency. This was very unethical. I will also contact my company's attorney if I don't get any satisfaction.

Please let me know what happens asap. This message was very upsetting to me. This person simply curses messages to make negative comments. I didn't ever send a message to her. I sent a message about Norton Security Suite.

William M. Mangan

(603) 772-6785

Review about: Norton Antivirus Antivirus.

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Norton is the most crooked company on the planet. I purchased a new computer and it was corrupt within a week so I had to go buy another new computer and norton won't refund my money on a year subscription!!

I will turn them over to the BBB. Michelle P.

Kansas City, Kansas, United States #594582

William M. Mangan grow a spine :cry


Unethical? Get a grip.

Are you familiar with the concept of "free speech"? Not only am I entitled to my opinion about your previous post, I didn't curse at you.

I'm sure all appropriate Federal Agencies are clamoring to help you. :roll :roll Personally I think you need therapy if a comment on the internet about your poorly worded, vaguely racist post has upset you this much.

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